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MTI is part of an Enterprise Group that provides complementary services which allows the entire organization to take advantage of synergetic projects, share cost for back-end office support, and leverage economies of scale on material and services. The firm was originally founded by Justin Savich in 2009 and has worked with several of the largest single-family institutional investors in the world. Read more about the history in Our Story.

Tampa Bay Real Estate News

A fractured condo in downtown Tampa’s Channel district will convert its apartments to for-sale units

The conversion of apartments to condos in downtown Tampa's Channel district is a watershed moment for the city's urban revitalization efforts.
October 9, 2018/by Market Tampa Investments

Dark clouds gather over the US housing market

If the fall we are seeing at the top spreads, the impact could be significant.
October 9, 2018/by Market Tampa Investments

Creating a standout vacation rental

Here's how to furnish a space that will attract guests — and withstand the wear and tear that comes with them.
October 6, 2018/by Market Tampa Investments

Developer pays $2 million for future townhouse site in downtown Tampa (Renderings)

A small townhouse development along one of downtown Tampa's most active construction corridors is moving forward. Ariel Homes has closed on two vacant parcels of land at 205 E. Fortune St., between North Franklin and North Tampa streets. The builder paid $2.15 million for the property, which is around 18,000 square feet. The group is planning 14 four-story townhouses on the site with open rooftop decks, according to plans filed with the city. The homes will range from 1,600 to 3,000 square feet…
October 4, 2018/by Market Tampa Investments

Florida mansion, one of most expensive homes in the US, is going up for auction (Photos)

A Broward County mega mansion with its own IMAX home theater and a 20-car garage will be auctioned digitally next month. The property, on Hillsboro Beach's "Millionaires' Mile," is appraised at $159 million, making it one of the most expensive residential listings in the U.S. Bidding for Playa Vista Isle, which has 11 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms in 58,000 square feet, will open Nov. 12. The sale will be non-reserve, meaning the home will be sold to the the highest bidder on Nov. 15, regardless of…
October 4, 2018/by Market Tampa Investments

The hot property that’s next on tech’s agenda: Real estate

Having watched tech startups upend old-line industries like taxis and hotels, venture capitalists are casting about for the next area to be infused with software and data. Many have homed in on real estate as a big opportunity because parts of the industry — like pricing, mortgages and building management — have been slow to adopt software that could make business more efficient.
September 28, 2018/by Market Tampa Investments
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