Being a part of our enterprise group has been a huge catalyst for growth. With shared office support (accounting, legal, IT, etc.), we’re able to have the benefits of a full in-house staff without the overhead that comes along. Having construction in-house is a two-fold benefit with cost savings on material and labor for investment property renovations. Below are the companies that are a part of our group.


Simplicity is the parent holding company for our enterprise group as well as one of our funding sources. Simplicity’s main objective is to provide financing solutions for families with damaged credit as well as cash infusions for businesses who have potential that goes unnoticed by conventional lenders. Visit website »


One of the nation’s top residential maintenance companies, One Stop Maintenance handles all general home and commercial maintenance issues that occur. Our clientele ranges from the largest owners of single family homes in the world down to individual families who just need help repairing some things around their house. Visit website »