The Market Tampa story starts with the story of it’s founder & CEO, Justin Savich, who is described by his friends and colleagues as a serial entrepreneur. From being one of the youngest to have achieved Eagle Scout in the Tampa Bay area, to successfully starting and running several micro businesses before the age of 18, it was evident that Justin was driven. During high school he worked at a brokerage office in his hometown of Riverview, FL. This is where his passion for real estate began.

Justin graduated from the University of Central Florida’s College of Business, majoring in Marketing with a minor in Real Estate. He obtained his real estate license early on while attending UCF and started doing sales while he balanced a full time class load. During this time he also started and managed UCF’s first collegiate wakeboard team, who were world champions each of the years that he was president. Justin, himself, rode the pro wakeboard tour 2005, 2006, and 2007, and at his peak was ranked top 20 in the world.

Upon graduation, Justin was offered an Investor Relations position at the land development and construction company that he had done an internship with during his last semester at UCF. Not long after, he was recruited to be the regional head of land acquisitions for a worldwide commercial real estate services firm. Although Justin had years of real estate experience as a buyer and seller agent, it was here that he was really able to hone his skills from an institutional investment perspective.

Near the end of the year, amidst success, a rare opportunity arose for Justin that he could not pass up – to live abroad in Florence, Italy. He knew that there would never be a better time, and looking back, it’s an opportunity he is very glad that he took. After returning to the states, less than a year after graduating, Justin was more inspired than ever. Having had  decades worth of experiences packed into less than a year it was time for his next big step.

Humble Beginnings with Huge Ambition

By this time it was March, 2009, realizing he had absorbed all he could from large corporations, Justin had made up his mind that he wanted to run his own business and he would do whatever it takes to make that a reality. Within a week of being back from Italy, Market Tampa was created and it was time to start building on his dream.

During the first year of Market Tampa, Justin began by deploying his personal capital into investment deals. Hungry for more he put all that he made back into his business, and within months had completed four profitable transactions.  He independently acquired, funded, rehabbed, and sold each of these, earning him the respect of several real estate professionals in the area.This gave him the opportunity to have private capital partners in Joint Venture Transactions. This allowed Market Tampa to build a scalable pipeline that would transition the company to it’s next stage.

Taking Things to the Next Level

In 2012 the institutional investors started to show up in Central Florida, and by this time, Market Tampa had made quite a name for itself in the local market. Early on Market Tampa was a local market partner to these large funds, rapidly flipping properties to them for numbers that made sense for everyone. This not only boosted business, it also gave birth to a new opportunity. Market Tampa already had extensive experience in doing all of their own construction for in-house investment deals but it was evident that there was a market for construction and maintenance catered specifically to institutional investors. So, Market Tampa started its own construction and maintenance company. They quickly became the local solution to a huge need for these national funds, turning more than 50 rehab projects per month.

Market Tampa now had a staff of 25 employees, and was successfully running a construction and maintenance company, which was of extreme contrast to the one man startup that had emerged just four years prior.

Market Tampa Investments – a Niche Organization

Market Tampa had grown into an enterprise group with several companies in one. Although growth was fun and exciting, stabilization and longevity is also key; so the process began to make each company strategically leveraged, self sufficient, and complementary of one another.

This was when Market Tampa Investments was really able to harness the advantages of being a part of an enterprise group, having full access to some of the best in the construction industry as well as great back office support. Market Tampa Investments is now one of the leading real estate investment groups in the Tampa Bay area and is working hard to expand it’s reach in the private equity realm.